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Integrated degrees

An integrated degree programme has several advantages compared to a conventional university course thanks to the integration of theory and practice.


You can shoulder responsible assignments during an internship at MediaMarktSaturn – and find out exactly what it’s like to work at the coalface. We’re open to new ideas and unconventional approaches. And there are plenty of exciting projects and opportunities for dedicated, talented students.

Working students

How do you like the sound of gaining work experience while earning money for your next holiday? It might sound like a dream, but it could easily be your reality at MediaMarktSaturn! Alongside your studies, you can join us to work on specific projects, share ideas with colleagues at the coalface, and make new contacts.


Start mit Punktlandung

Sie m?chten Handel unmittelbar und hautnah erleben? Sie wollen schnell Verantwortung für eigene Themen und Projekte übernehmen und zügig Ihr Wissen und K?nnen erweitern? Dann ist der Direkteinstieg bei MediaMarktSaturn wie geschaffen für Sie. Sie steigen sofort ins Tagesgesch?ft ein und k?nnen so Ihre fachlichen Qualifikationen einbringen und zielgerichtet ausbauen.

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