More than 800 stores with sales floors measuring up to 10,000 square meters in 14 countries, an average assortment of 45,000 articles and an integrated online offering – these are the key data of a business enterprise whose extraordinarily dynamic growth has kept the industry holding its breath for more than 35?years.?

Innovative, customer oriented and highly competitive, MediaMarkt is continually enhancing its position as the number one consumer electronics retailer in Europe. The swirl in MediaMarkt’s logo is characteristic of the whole company. Permanently low prices and the attention-grabbing advertising are constantly causing a stir within the industry. MediaMarkt’s portfolio of products is enormous: from smartphones to tablets, from washing machines to fully-automated coffee makers, from sound systems to XXL TVs – at MediaMarkt stores, customers will always find the very latest brand-name products that the consumer electronics, communications and electrical appliances industries have to offer.

In almost all countries where MediaMarkt is represented, this offering is supplemented by online shops that are closely linked with the conventional stores. This allows customers to decide whether they want to have a product delivered to their home or whether they want to pick it up at their local store – regardless of whether they made their purchase at a brick-and-mortar store, online or via mobile devices. By establishing a close link between e-commerce and conventional retailing, MediaMarkt is transforming itself into a true multichannel retailer and can thus profit from the increasing growth in online commerce.

Media Markt

Contact person for media

Kristiane Müller-Drensler

+49 (0) 841 634 5092
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